Books of Clay Businesses Are: Swell Swap Books & Clay Web Design

Swell Swap Books

Book Warehouse Store.

Back in 2016, due to financial hardship, we sought ways to earn extra income to help us make ends meet. Our first really successful venture was buying and selling books as an online vender.  Hence our name Books of Clay. 

When we started selling books locally from our warehouse, we named it Swell Swap Books. We currently sell books online and also at our book warehouse location.  We’d love to have you visit us for deep discounts on used books. You can take a look at our warehouse bookstore website by going to swellswapbookstore.com .

Swell Swap Books

208 East Valley View Drive

Walnut Grove, Missouri 65770

Clay Web Design

Creating and managing websites for people.

Before we started buying and selling books I (Jenette) started doing content writing for other people’s websites under MyWordsforhire.  I created a website for myself to use as a place to show my writing. In the course of things I learned some important aspects of website a good website, things like:

  • Branding
  • Domain Names
  • Dependable Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization (helping people find you in a google search.)
  • Good and Helpful Website Design

I still write for others on the side occasionally but I have shifted into website creation for other people. If you need a website but don’t want the hassles of creating and maintaining it, we’d love to help you! you can find us at claywebdesign.com  

Have any questions?

Message me on my Swell Swap Books Page 

Or email me at booksofclay208@gmail.com and I’ll be glad to help you!

All the best!